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2016 Stories to Tell - first workshop of the year this Saturday

Hi all... Can you help let others know about this weekend's workshop - via direct e:mail, phone call, f2f or via your social media networks?

I'm thinking we should move along in workshopping the following:

- themes (currently health, employment, education, safety)

- dramatic form (currently an A4 booklet or book, several short films, possibly some posters)

- scripts or plans for each 'project'

- teams who are committed to working…


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Getting creative?

What's news? Who is thinking about who they're going to bring to the Trans World Cafe on the 15th November? Family members or work colleagues that just don't quite get it? Gender-questioning friends with too many questions? We'll be exploring 3 issues/ideas put forth by community members... along the lines of 'when have you felt at home with yourself?'. Please let us know you have any ideas for questions?

And come along to the next workshop on the 7th November when we'll be polishing…


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Our October workshop and website unveil...

We had a lovely Sunday arvo workshop last week, stirred by a challenge to write a couple of sentences on a turning point, a weird/funny experience/memory of gender, a mentor or an antagonist who you ended up learning something from. The homework task was to distill this story into a couple of 'locked off sentences with an accompanying image in order to upload to our new webspace at www.storiesbeyondgender.com We set everybody up with…


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Mount Gambier Adventure

So group members Sam, Evelyn, Hayley and I did a road trip down to Mt. Gambier last weekend to meet the community. A trans/queer/gender-questioning group gather at the excellent Metro Cafe (more of a bar/restaurant/gourmet bakery IMHO) every Monday night. Quite a few were keen to hear more about sharing stories #beyondgender. Give them a shout on their Facebook group here.

On Sunday we spread out our creativity…


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#beyondgender workshop inspiration

Digital Storytelling workshops often start with a kind of warm and fuzzy story circle… despite mutual awkwardness it’s an important step in building trust.

We often look at some sample stories, like ‘Blue for Boys? Pink for Girls?’ and…


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Sharing Stories Beyond Gender

Sharing Stories Beyond Gender


#beyondgender  #trans*stories #everydayactivism


Are you interested in using social media for social change?



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Social Media Lessons from Russia

A link to my latest public writing on privacy... over on my blog

on Incite Stories!

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Young and Well - 16 to 27?

The Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre unites young people with researchers, practitioners, innovators and policy-makers from over 70 partner organisations across the not-for-profit, academic, government and corporate sectors.

The Young and Well CRC explores the role of technology in young people’s lives, and how technology can be used to improve the mental…


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Call to Action!

It seems, whether you're into marriage or not, that people are slowly recognising that law reform might have positive social consequences BEYOND marriage... like increasing acceptance of GLBTQI people and their families.


Today I received e:mails from AME (Australian Marriage Equality) and from one of my favourite bloggers (and RFT member) Jacqui Tomlins. AME are…


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1600 views... and some strategies to talk about!

Walking the Talk

So I figured it was time! Some weeks ago I managed to secure an appointment with the very busy Federal Liberal member for Boothby, Andrew Southcott. We met today... These are some of my thoughts...

The Meeting

Andrew (Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Primary Healthcare) was quick to establish that ‘this issue is a difficult one for the Liberal Party and for me personally’ ...but he nevertheless made an effort…


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Risk versus Silence

Pretty nervous this morning as I upload the latest Digital Story and start the process of circulating it online... In my head I replay the many voices of concern (both real and imagined) about whether I’m exposing my daughter too much... or in some way ‘dumping her in it’...

The story is about how community acceptance of same sex marriage would flag a wider acceptance of sexual diversity and impact upon homophobia, particularly that experienced by the ‘innocent victims’ - our…


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Marriage is so Gay!

I’m processing some big stuff that happened over the weekend. These are some of the words that I’m trying to squash into a Digital Story, to follow...

On Saturday, my girlfriend and I got (illegally) ‘married’ in a Mass Wedding in Adelaide - part of the…


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Rainbow Family Tree News Round Up - May 9th

After lots of discussion with members, we've made some changes on the site!


The 'groups' and 'forums' areas have been canned... and we've reintroduced the 'blogs' area. We'll use this space to do a round up of activities and posts by members across the various online spaces RFT now inhabits. If you haven't checked them out yet, here they are:


RFT facebook…


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All done!

Well done to all of you who have finished up your videos... very exciting!

I'm now in the process of gathering together all of your projects on one hard drive so that we can do tech checks and have all projects in optimal formats for screening at the Mercury on the 21st of November and for inclusion in the DVD compilation... after we've done this I'll e:mail you a copy of your project file so that you can upload it to the site... and show it to friends and family!

Justin… Continue

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Workshop Blog - Session Eight

Hi all!

The next few blog entries and workshop sessions are designed to support you as you fine tune and finish off your stories. As you'll be quite busy doing this, there aren't any more activities!

However, it would be very useful for you and all of us if you could post regularly on how you're going creatively... and absolutely imperative that… Continue

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Workshop Blog - Session Seven

Now's the time to bring your attention to some additional free software for editing images and sound.


If you're thinking you'd like to manipulate some of your photos in some way (including blurring faces so that individuals are not identifiable) you may want to spend a little bit of time getting your head around image editing… Continue

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Workshop Blog - Session Six

Hi all!

If you're up to looking for additional assets (music, images, sound FX) on-line you'll be wanting to check out copyright free assets in the Interesting Links Forum. If you find any additional sites please post them here so other people can benefit from your surfing ;… Continue

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Workshop Blog - Session Five

According to my trusty workshop schedule today we're commencing 'How to Edit 2 - Creative choices for Sound and Picture'.

Here is a storyboard template that will help you plan how your images and voiceover come together. Basically you write down/draw what images you're planning on using (and in what… Continue

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Workshop Blog - Session Four

I'm sensing a degree of 'overwhelmed' feeding back through the internet ether...

I'm here to say - YOU CAN DO IT! Conquering fear is actually part of the process... fear of revealing yourself in a digital story AND fear of unknown technology...

So today's activity is really simple... answer the questions posted at Virtual Workshop - Q & A

Also remember - we are here… Continue

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Workshop Blog - Session Three

Hi all!

Today we start getting stuck into the practical software side of the workshop... by the end of the weekend it would be great if you had all...

- downloaded and printed the 'How to Make a Digital Story' document and read pages 9-12 thoroughly! RFT_Overview.pdf

- downloaded and printed and read the relevant edit software guides - MovieMaker… Continue

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