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It seems, whether you're into marriage or not, that people are slowly recognising that law reform might have positive social consequences BEYOND marriage... like increasing acceptance of GLBTQI people and their families.


Today I received e:mails from AME (Australian Marriage Equality) and from one of my favourite bloggers (and RFT member) Jacqui Tomlins. AME are asking that we visit our MPs (in particular undecided SA Senators Nick Xenophon, Mary Jo Fisher and Sean Edwards) and Jacqui has posted an inspiring interview with AME spokesperson, Alex Greenwich.


As they both point out "it ain't over till it's over" and we CAN make a difference!


Why not send an e:mail to an MP with a link to your favourite RFT Digital Story or, better still, go visit them and force them to watch!


If you're not up for that, why not e:mail links to 5 friends with a little bit of time and energy who you think might hop on board?


Support has come from the strangest places and you rarely get it unless you ask ; )

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