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Hi all!

Today we start getting stuck into the practical software side of the workshop... by the end of the weekend it would be great if you had all...

- downloaded and printed the 'How to Make a Digital Story' document and read pages 9-12 thoroughly! RFT_Overview.pdf
- downloaded and printed and read the relevant edit software guides - MovieMaker RFT_MovieMaker.pdf if you're on a PC, iMovie RFT_iMovie.pdf if you're on a Mac
- started a tutorial exercise (if you feel you'd like to do one) or set up a new project (if you're wanting to get straight into it) using the software you'll be editing your story with...

Remember we have a FEAST/SHine deadline... and we're aiming to be wrapped up by the end of the month/early October... so there's no time to waste!

By next week you'll be starting to record your voice overs so, whilst you're downloading documents you may like to download the Audacity guide (free software you can download off the net, suitable for both Macs and PC's) RFT_Audacity.pdf. I'll also be asking you to do a test voice record using the microphones you already have built into your computers. For many of you the audio quality of these microphones is likely to be inadequate so I'll probably be recommending a couple of cheapish ($20-50) models you can get easily from places like Officeworks and Dick Smiths. Fear not - this is the ONLY possible out of pocket expense for the entire workshop... and you'll find it's well worth it when it comes to viewing (and hearing) your story on both big and small screens!

For those of you who're starting to play with generating images you'll want to check out the PhotoPlus manual (PC only) RFT_PhotoPlus.pdf or have a look at photoshop.com if you're on a Mac

That's quite a lot of 'homework' already... particularly as most of us are still nutting out what our story is about, who it's for, what images and music to use... and how to get around the site.

So, the activity for this session is easy... go to Forums>Virtual Workshop>My status quo is... and let us all know how it's been going for you... i.e 'I can't find my way around because there are too many places to post discussions'; 'I don't see any difference between blogs and forums'; and 'I don't know which groups to join'... through to... 'I haven't really had time' and/or 'I'm terrified I won't be able to master the technology'!! Also, hoping we might get one or two 'I'm having a blast and can't stop thinking about all the stories I want to make...'

But, please post something to let me know you're out there and still in the game... for me, facilitating an on-line workshop is unexpectedly lonely ; )

Having spoken to some of you yesterday I am going to try and simplify a few site navigation things... maybe I should offer a prize for anyone who can pick the differences... in any case your feedback is very welcome...

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Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on September 14, 2009 at 11:58
Sorry Melina - in an effort to give you all everything you need it looks like a lot all at once... are you able to download and save at least the overview documents? Otherwise I could try e:mailing directly to you? Reading them should make it all a bit more manageable... step by step... and yes! stick to the software you're comfortable with for photo editing and graphic design - then you'll only need to conquer MovieMaker and maybe Audacity...
Comment by Melina MIchelle Magdalena on September 12, 2009 at 19:03
dear oh dear it's a little overwhelming. I've looked at those files but my computer won't let me save them. that's ok. Not so sure about using the Photo Plus program. i've been playing with Paint and Word and feel quite confident with them. Still need to find some photos from another computer... t'will be OK, but the deadline is worrying.
Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on September 12, 2009 at 11:45
Hi Leanne... try 'Interesting Links' ('copyright-free assets is one of the forum discussions) for some of the sites we've already collected together... and if you find any others it'd be great if you could post the links there ; )
Comment by Rev Leanne Jenski on September 11, 2009 at 20:56
I'm alive and well! I am getting better at finding things in the web site. Where can I go for copyright free pictures...I have a few of my own but need some more....how many pic do you think we need? I am also chasing the music to get permission to use the piece I need.

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