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So group members Sam, Evelyn, Hayley and I did a road trip down to Mt. Gambier last weekend to meet the community. A trans/queer/gender-questioning group gather at the excellent Metro Cafe (more of a bar/restaurant/gourmet bakery IMHO) every Monday night. Quite a few were keen to hear more about sharing stories #beyondgender. Give them a shout on their Facebook group here.

On Sunday we spread out our creativity mess on a big worktable in the spectacular Community Library - complete with polished floors, lots of sunlight, great coffee - and got to work. We met Toby and Lola, plus Nicky (hope that's spelled right?) and beautiful baby Ruby-Rae. We had time to swap stories and share experiences of high-school, coming out, family and community. Lots that were different, many that were similar...

Sam shot a little video to bring back and share with our group and we showed some examples from our growing gallery. 

I've just started setting up a new space for our mini-exhibition pieces here. We're aiming for another couple of Adelaide sessions and one in Pt. Lincoln before we convene for our first Trans World Cafe during Feast on Sunday November 15th 1-4pm.  

Meanwhile here's a photo of us at work... creative experiments to follow on our blogs, on the video page and in our Group Album.

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