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Rainbow Family Tree is a space for sharing our stories of life, love, family and loss… feel free to explore the parameters of your identity, GLBTQIS ‘other’ or ‘ally’… or abandon all socially imposed labels and make up your own!

We're here to test whether challenging assumptions about gender, sexuality, identity and family can actually contribute to social change? Idealistic as it may sound, the theory is that collectively our stories can make a difference! This theory is also being explored in a PHD research project that you can read more about in the FAQs.

So, have a climb around the branches... offer feedback to storytellers or learn how to make your own… Participate in discussions on creative process, tech issues, the research project or the educational DVD... and invite your friends to join us!





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What's a good poem?

Posted by Sonja Vivienne on July 30, 2015 at 21:51 0 Comments

This is my #nothaiku poem of just now, spontaneous effort to express my gender now... Might try and make it into a visual poem next...

She leaches it out of me

My mum, my daughter, my soul-mate

The constant being…


Creative experiment in sharing...

Posted by Sonja Vivienne on July 30, 2015 at 11:00 0 Comments

So I think I figured out how to use drop down options to share experiments from Tumblr to my blog page here - just cut and paste embed code... reason being I want my OWN space to curate experiments and I'm finding Tumblr a…

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