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Our October workshop and website unveil...

We had a lovely Sunday arvo workshop last week, stirred by a challenge to write a couple of sentences on a turning point, a weird/funny experience/memory of gender, a mentor or an antagonist who you ended up learning something from. The homework task was to distill this story into a couple of 'locked off sentences with an accompanying image in order to upload to our new webspace at www.storiesbeyondgender.com We set everybody up with permission to edit the gallery and their own blog page.

For anyone who hasn't yet posted, you won't be able to see your blog page in the drop down menu until you add some content - then you can make it visible by going to 'pages' and dragging your page from private blog spots up to blog spots. You can also link your gallery content to your blog spot for viewers who want more context around your work.

Remember digital literacy only grows out of muddling around and there is no such thing as a stupid question! If you're stuck post here so someone can help! If all else fails email me ; )

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