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Well done to all of you who have finished up your videos... very exciting!

I'm now in the process of gathering together all of your projects on one hard drive so that we can do tech checks and have all projects in optimal formats for screening at the Mercury on the 21st of November and for inclusion in the DVD compilation... after we've done this I'll e:mail you a copy of your project file so that you can upload it to the site... and show it to friends and family!

Justin has found us a link that gives a good video demo of how to export from Moviemaker...

How to export movies from MovieMaker

Please note: they recommend Video for Broadband, but also show the DV-AVI options. Note one is DV-AVI NTSC and one is DV-AVI PAL. PAL is the type we are looking for. This is a large file format (~200MB/min) that won't playback easily on your computer - but it's what we need for the DVD!

Frame size (ie the size of the movie frame) should have been preset at the beginning of your project, so there is no need to change these now. The ideal frame size, for reference, is 576x720. This is widescreen ratio; you may have constructed your movie in a more traditional "4:3" ratio - like classic TVs and that's OK, it just yields a slightly different number.

If your finished movie file is smaller than 100MB you'll be able to use yousendit to e:mail it to me. If you haven't already handed over your final at last weekends workshop, I'll also be asking you to post me a CD with your project file, your finished movie file and all of your assorted assets, including all of your original images, music and voiceover files. We'll need these by the end of this week to undertake tech checks and final polishes!

It won't be long until you see them on the site... and after the launch the site will also be opened up to the general public so you can invite friends and family to watch your videos here ; )

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Comment by Damien on October 13, 2009 at 20:46
have put the 21st on my calender!

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