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Rainbow Family Tree News Round Up - May 9th

After lots of discussion with members, we've made some changes on the site!


The 'groups' and 'forums' areas have been canned... and we've reintroduced the 'blogs' area. We'll use this space to do a round up of activities and posts by members across the various online spaces RFT now inhabits. If you haven't checked them out yet, here they are:


RFT facebook page - a great space for general discussion and sharing with your facebook friends. You can post stories about 'everyday activism' or links to your favourite Digital Stories.


RFT on Vimeo - we'll use this space to upload videos (ning no longer offers this feature). From here they can be easily 'mirrored' or 'embedded' at the main RFT website or on your own web pages... you can also engage with other Digital Storytellers across the vimeo network, helping spread awareness of our stories. Vimeo allows you to retain full ownership of your story and control who you share it with and how.


RFT on YouTube- for those who want to take the extra step in viral circulation of your stories - YouTube offers the possibility of connecting with huge audiences. However make sure you are aware of the 'terms and conditions' - you retain copyright over your story but YouTube license it for a variety of uses (see clause 6C)


We'll try to keep blog posts regular (between once a week and once a month) and brief... If you've got a news item, issue or anecdote you'd like to include - either post to facebook, send a message to Rainbow Family Tree moderation... or write your own blog post! Any questions or suggestions, be they technical, creative or political, let us know in the same places ; )


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