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Sharing Stories Beyond Gender


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Are you interested in using social media for social change?


Come along to a series of workshops for trans*, gender-fluid or questioning people… we’ll be using Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to explore:


  • How we see ourselves
  • Who we share ourselves with
  • What it feels like to be understood


We’ll be creating digital self-representations of all shapes and size, including twitter haikus, instagram puzzles, micro-blogs and vlogs.


All you need to bring are your ideas and, if possible, a digital device

smart phone, ipad, tablet or laptop…

We’ll supply space, guidance, snacks and wifi.


Our digital content will be shared with trans* and queer community service providers so they can help us to break down stigma and stereotypes.


We’ll also be exploring ‘speaking across difference’ in a pop-up trans*World Café later this year, and the creative works that we produce will be launched in an exhibition in conjunction with Feast 2017.


Best #everydayactivism, as voted by community,

wins an iPad Air 2!


If you’re interested email sonja@incitestories.com.au

or find more info on the

Sharing Stories Beyond Gender page on Facebook.

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