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Pondering new digital story... keep me company?

Hi all

I've been involved in Rainbow Family Tree as a 'curator' since the beginning. Sometimes it's a bit tricky wearing multiple 'hats' - as a workshop facilitator, researcher, digital storyteller, not to mention mum, daughter, girlfriend etc.

I've been thinking a lot about how we go about inventing who we are and how we perform different roles for different people in different contexts. I guess most of us think about this at least a little when we do a facebook update and wonder how those few words will be interpreted by all the different groups of people we've 'friended' over the years. Making a digital story is just as tricky as we consider all of the 'imaginary publics' that might watch it... and what making this statement of identity says about how we 'fit in' to all of those different worlds. Do I really want to be part of some amorphous 'mainstream' or do I quite like 'being different' (except without all the judgmental, discriminatory, homophobic bits).

I'm pondering making a digital story on the subject of 'identity'. All I've got so far is a bunch of photos of me at different ages, different incarnations of 'self'... and these somewhat academic ideas. I don't want it to be a preachy, navel gazing story so right now I'm thinking about tone and music... do I want it be a bit upbeat, maybe funny? Am I even capable of 'funny'?

I've downloaded a free 30 day trial of Final Cut Pro X and I'm going to see if I can teach myself by making a new story. Anyone care to keep me company, swap notes and start work on a new story yourself?

Cheers, Sonja

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Comment by Sonja Vivienne on February 1, 2012 at 11:12

Yes I've heard about Daring via facebook and am keen to attend - a digital story could be a good wrap up of collective diversity, but probably still needs a singular point of view, or 'way in' for the audience... maybe you could take it on? Eg your reflections on this subject, canvassing some of the families/structures you know of... maybe including a line or two and photo from each family/scenario? Otherwise I guess we could go for a more 'objective' archival mini-doc that simply presents a summary of perspectives rather than an 'authored' POV?

Comment by Bronwen McClelland on February 1, 2012 at 10:54

sounds good Sonja. 

I've been asked to ask the Pink playgroup/parents whether they/we would be interested in running a workshop at Daring, a national Uniting Church LGTBIQ conference happening here on the June long weekend (organised by Sue and Jenski amongst others). It's theme this year is "family".  I have been thinking about the idea of all the different kinds of ways people create/conceive of/present their families - and how it is so diverse, even within the "queer" world.  I have a half baked idea about asking people to bring in some kind of diagrammed "family tree" - as I did for Rowan's FT story, and you had in "marriage is so gay" - and to just talk really briefly about how the shape of their family has evolved... I then wondered whether those images and snippets of people talking about their images could end up as a digital story about the complexity (and beauty) of queer families? 

hmmm, go well with your thinking, and playing!

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