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When I was a bit younger I tried on lots of different selves...

It was a subject of great angst... I didn't feel like I fitted well in my skin.

Now I see my kids experimenting with who they are and how they fit... and I'm surprised that I no longer spend a great deal of time questioning my identity.

Is it because I don't care what anyone thinks anymore?

Or that I feel secure and loved with the handful of people that count... acceptable in the few worlds that I've chosen to inhabit?

Or a more philosophical understanding that we all 'perform' ourselves all the time... and most of us are a bit prone to worrying what other people think... and that those other people are too busy worrying about their similar concerns to pay too much attention to me...

I don't believe I have one 'true self'... I'm a fluid evolving composite of mum, daughter, girlfriend, teacher, student, fool and sage... No magic formula, no 'inner truth'... just a daily struggle to be present and content.

So this is the premise of my next story I think... But what is the point? Who am I making it for?

I didn't want to do navel gazing but it's certainly not humorous yet... maybe music and image choice can help with that?

Any advice? What are the stories you guys are nutting out? Can I help?

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