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Where we're at so far...

So here's an update on the 'Sharing Stories Beyond Gender' workshops...

We've had 3 sessions so far with 6 and 15 participants, ranging from around 14 to 50, identifying in many different ways...

We've experimented with pencil, paper, collages, face-paint, song, video, photo and poetry.

We've explored blog spaces here, on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.

We're not quite sure who we're 'speaking' to, about what or why yet... but muddling through the…


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More incomplete experiments...

So following Sam's recommendation of some free Adobe apps last session, I found 'Slate'... Here is some info: Slate

I thought it might be good for doing a kind of brief life story or a series of loosely connected reflections... it's quite elegeant! I'm going to come back to it later but here's my brief experiment - Slate test

Even less attractive is this…


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'Being Present' and on to 'Being Preserved'

A link to our Tumblr blog and my reflections on epigrams and epiphanies:


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#phototaichi #beyondgender

I took this last weekend on a beach walk with the kids. I like it because it represents a feeling and a process of disassembly and reconstruction. When I adjust my eyes and ears and body to the rhythm of waves and wind and birds... all the parts of me that I normally hold so tightly together become fragmented. Insignificant. The parts become part of something bigger. Less…


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What's a good poem?

This is my #nothaiku poem of just now, spontaneous effort to express my gender now... Might try and make it into a visual poem next...

She leaches it out of me

My mum, my daughter, my soul-mate

The constant being there-ness

Call maternity forth

Whatever that is – moral guidance?

Expressed gently…

Hey, Mum? Hey, Sweetheart?’


Re-membering the past

When my dad called ‘Hey, Son?’

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Creative experiment in sharing...

So I think I figured out how to use drop down options to share experiments from Tumblr to my blog page here - just cut and paste embed code... reason being I want my OWN space to curate experiments and I'm finding Tumblr a little too chaotic and Facebook - too much stuff lost in the stream...

Regarding the 'why?' of this experiment - part of it is tech focussed, that is 'what does time lapse do with low…


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Some art featuring significant moments in my life...

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Quick PHD related Quiz

Hi all

As most of you know I've been muddling my way through a phd on Digital Storytelling (read about it here) over the last couple of years... and I'm just pulling all the threads together. Some of you provided some very excellent answers to a quiz I sent out a month or so ago... and I have a few more FINAL quick questions. If you've got 10 mins free I'd love your responses (by 27/08/12 - next monday - if…


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When I was a bit younger I tried on lots of different selves...

It was a subject of great angst... I didn't feel like I fitted well in my skin.

Now I see my kids experimenting with who they are and how they fit... and I'm surprised that I no longer spend a great deal of time questioning my identity.

Is it because I don't care what anyone thinks anymore?

Or that I feel secure and loved with the handful of people that count...…


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Pondering new digital story... keep me company?

Hi all

I've been involved in Rainbow Family Tree as a 'curator' since the beginning. Sometimes it's a bit tricky wearing multiple 'hats' - as a workshop facilitator, researcher, digital storyteller, not to mention mum, daughter, girlfriend etc.

I've been thinking a lot about how we go about inventing who we are and how we perform different roles for different people in different contexts. I guess most of us think about this at least a little when we do a…


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