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Use this space if you have any specific questions about MovieMaker...
Here's the overview manual and a finished sample exercise - you can make one like it yourself by downloading the zipped assets folder and following the step-by-step exercise in the manual...

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Hi RTF People,
My question is about the step to take after completing my project in MovieMaker. How do I convert it to a film/video/file and what file format should I convert it to?
Hope you can help and aren't too busy with other stuff to do with the launch...
Hi Melina, when you open your project you'll find, in one of the drop down menus, an export option that gives you a range of possibilities to choose from - generally you want DV-Pal and you may want to do both high and low-res options depending on whether you want to burn to DVD or upload to web. In our case we've done this for you - I can e:mail links to the final low and high res versions so that you can download them and distribute them wherever you see fit (I'll be doing this early next week for anyone that requests it!). And of course, you'll get a copy of the finished DVD compilation of ALL the stories at the launch tomorrow ; )
Ta muchly - this is for the JAFL digidoc. Others have used Photostory, so I presume it's probably much the same for them..


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