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Kate was raised by a mum and two dads... whenever she hears 'that's so gay!' it feels like a personal attack on her family...

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Comment by Kate Burns on January 16, 2010 at 16:36
Hi every- sorry i haven't been on the site for a while but i just wanted to say thanks for your comments. it really means a lot to me. thanks! kate
Comment by Seanie on November 24, 2009 at 9:38
Hi Kate
Such a beutiful video. I watched it with my parents and large group of other people at launch and wow! so good. And the song your singing while laughing on swing was definitely the highlight.
Comment by Sheryl Morgan on November 22, 2009 at 16:53
Hi Kate, I guess I am of the genre of your parents and "grew up" with one of your Dads, who is still a best friend, and will always be so. I was around when you were born and have watched you grow, and find that you are unique and honest in your strength and I love your writing. I guess I never stood back and felt hesitant because of the sincerity, love and care of all your parents, who taught me much about the importance of love no matter what comes along.
Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on November 16, 2009 at 14:56
That’s so Gay! – by Kate Burns

I wanted to make this story so that I could show how hearing people use the word “gay” in a derogatory sense made me feel scared as a teenager… because some people in my family identify themselves by that word. I hoped to encourage other children in a similar position not to feel ashamed of their families… but also realise that it is difficult to tell other people about a family you feel is “different”, and that’s ok as well. Connecting my passion for equal recognition of all family types to actual photos and video footage of myself was difficult, I guess because I do not want to be seen as the victim.
Comment by Claire Gurry on November 16, 2009 at 14:01
I loved it!! Lovely forceful words and gentle images. You told this story so well Kate! I can see the awkwardness in my own children when they hear 'that's so Gay!' said by their friends, especially if it happens here in my house. My teen son has found a friend at school who has lesbian parents too and they 'talk' over the computer out of school time a lot, I am sure it helps them both feel a sense of belonging and cope with the 'that is so Gay' world they must deal with at school. I am sorry you had that hurt too. And it hurts parents to hear this phrase too, because all kids deserve to have their family and parents respected. None of us are Second class families we all belong. Thank you and I hope to share your story with my kids soon!
Comment by Melina MIchelle Magdalena on September 13, 2009 at 11:14
Wow, Kate - this one is so much more than your first digidoc, which also brought me to teaers whenever I saw it. I like the footage of you swinging, and how it comes back at the end to complete the story. It's helping me work out the possibilities for what I can do. And your message, as always, is clear and vital.
Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on September 5, 2009 at 16:17
Stay posted Molly! We'll have a DVD for just that purpose by the end of November (Kate and your story will be part of it!) You might want to join the 'Educators' group to contribute to future discussions on how the DVD and facilitator's guide unfolds...
Comment by Molly on September 4, 2009 at 22:53
Gorgeous! I'd have loved to show this to a group I trained a couple of weeks ago, who used the phrase 'I'm so gay' - we had a discussion about it, but something like this would have been much more powerful.

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