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  • Workshop Facilitators

    7 members Latest Activity: Oct 9, 2009 This is where the tech-boffins and creative head cases hang out... we are here to help ; )

  • Stories Brewing?

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 14, 2012

    A place for anyone interested in swapping ideas on Digital Stories in progress... even those just brewing...

  • Positive Storytellers

    10 members Latest Activity: Feb 4, 2011 This group is for anyone involved in the 'Positive Stories' initiative, to be launched at Fringe 2011 and hosted by ACSA, FEAST and PLWHA SA.

  • Community Administrators

    11 members Latest Activity: Jul 18, 2011 How to invigorate Digital Storytelling community activity? We're trying lots of strategies... join us!

  • Research Community

    11 members Latest Activity: Jul 18, 2011 For anyone interested in analysing what, when, why, how this all MEANS...

  • Mentors

    8 members Latest Activity: Sep 25, 2009 Previous storytellers who have bundles of valuable expertise and anecdotes for newbies!

  • Sharing Stories Beyond Gender

    10 members Latest Activity: Dec 15, 2015

    This is a private group for workshop participants to share their creative-works-in progress... when they're ready we'll be posting them in more…

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