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Use this space if you have any questions or answers about Audacity...

Audacity is free sound editing software for both Mac and PC.

iMovie allows you to work with 2 soundtracks, so if you want 3 you'll need Audacity. MovieMaker only allows one soundtrack so if you'd like voiceover and/or music and/or sound effects that overlap you'll need Audacity.

We suggest you edit your images and voiceover together in order to get the timing just right before you export your sound into Audacity. Then you can add music or sound effects that synchronise with the voiceover, knowing that they'll all 'fit' with your images.

If this sounds like gobbledeegook you need to read the manual and do the tutorial exercise! You'll need a folder of 'assets' that you can download from the VIrtual Storytellers Group or down below:

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Like photo plus ... dont know this ... is it available for mac ... etc
Audacity is cross-platform... download by clicking on the link and read the manual we've prepared earlier (see attachment). If you're interested in doing the tutorial exercise in the manual download tutorial assets from the text box above ; )
Ning only lets me upload 3 files at a time so here are some more for the tutorial exercise...
And the final file... you need all 7 to complete the tutorial exercise in the RFT_Audacity guide!
Cancel the above discussion - now I've worked out that you can quickly and easily download all the assets you'll need in one zipped folder - see above ; )


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