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These are some of your suggestions...

- an overhaul of home page that reframes the space as

a) a community of 'everyday activists' who engage in sharing their personal stories in an effort to 'change the world' and

b) an archive of digital stories- better links and connections forged with other like minded web communities- better tech support and strategies for people who wish to share their stories more widely (e.g embedding them in blogs, other support group webspaces, and maybe facebook, twitter etc)


Some of these things might form a 'to do' list…

- those of you who are keen can become 'site administrators' which means you have complete access to 'back end' info and opportunity to manipulate site architecture

- if this sounds a bit too 'hard core' I have created a sub-group called 'community administrators' where we can swap notes on all of this stuff and, most importantly, send messages to all of the other people in this sub-group (please join!)

- we could do regular e:mail outs to all members on simple strategies for sharing stories online- apart from anything else just jumping in and posting a comment or asking a question will re-energise the space…

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