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What have been the biggest challenges for you so far? Time? Technical aptitude? Motivation? The website?

What have been the biggest rewards? Creative stimulation? Engaging with other storytellers? Dreaming about the impact that your story will have?

We'll ask again when all is done and dusted... and I, for one, am sure that the scales will be heavily weighted on the 'this was SO worth it' side ; )

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I think it was great to meet up today...and thanks for all your stories...i felt quite inspired when I went hope. And a big thank you to the the tec support people too!
Well...I think I've done it...to quote some famous..."it is finished" ... well it's close enough that I can go on holidays ....the time consuming part was getting the music and voice over stuff together...and playing with the pictures....but I am mostly happy with how it is...now we'll see what happens when Sonja and the team put it on the big screen while I'm away.
Good luck to eveyone else in their final stages of pulling theirs all together.
challenges: time! typing right now with one hand while cradling baby in other. I think it will be much easier next tine - I'm already planning them! It's such a useable form. didnt get my head around website but that might have been solved with more time too. but i think it's done now.
Hey Sonja, where do I post the story?
I'm really keen to get feedback - one preson here doesn't think the narrative device (talking to the babies, but aiming at politicians) works.
I think he's overestimating the pollies myself!
Hi Molly, Sorry I haven't been in touch recently... we're having a final face-to-face 'rescue' workshop today for those that need a bit of extra assistance... but WELL DONE on getting there solo/on-line ; ) You can upload your video directly to the site by going to the video tab and following prompts... and I'll be in touch tomorrow re getting all your master project files and assets on a CD so we can add them to the DVD compilation and prepare them for the launch screening... again, congratulations... it's no small feat ; )
You haven't seen it yet so I'd hold the congrats. In fact you may have some ideas for how to make it better.


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