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What software will you be using to create your digital story? (e.g MovieMaker or iMovie, plus Audacity/PhotoPlus/photoshop.com...)

Have you successfully downloaded and read the relevant Help Manuals?

Have you undertaken a tutorial in one of the manuals? How did it go?

Have you opened and saved a 'new project' in your edit software yet?

Have you downloaded and understood the legal release form?

Have you written a draft of your 250 words (if so we'd love to read a version of it at Session Two : What's your story?)

Have you started listing images/photos/music sound effects you'd like to use? Do you need to get permission from people in your photos? Need tips on how to ask?

Are you ready to undertake a test voice recording of your narration? (If not it's time to read the relevant section of the relevant Help Guide!)

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Umm...what IS the relevant section of the relevant help guide? I've just sat down to record a voice track but am searching around for the instructions...Audacity I use AFTER I've done the MovieMaker track right? So mybe I need to look back in the Moviemaker manual?
Hi Molly - hope you've had your question answered by today's blog... Use MovieMaker first... and the instructions on voice recording are pages 12 & 13... gotta run tend to crying baby but will check in with you again soon ; )


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