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Your tasks for the next couple of days are simple...

REFLECT over your draft story (and boil it down to it's essence)
POST it here so your test audience can offer feedback... it'll save you time weeding out the slow irrelevant bits later...
Do a TEST voice recording to make sure your computer is up for recording quality audio.

All good? Then it's time to take the plunge! Take a deep breath... go back into the experiences you're describing in your story and give it a shot. Now do another version at half that speed!

If you're worried about audio quality get in touch ASAP so we can help you find a good solution!

AND don't forget, have fun! Participate in the storytelling community so you can enjoy the collective buzz!

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Oh boy! You mean, really do it?
lol! Yes, yes, enough with the planning/agonising already ; )


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