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Sarah has undergone transformation from caterpillar, to chrysalis... to beautiful unique butterfly.

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Comment by Damien on November 21, 2009 at 18:40
I know words will fail me in this instance, but i just wanted to say that it was magical to see your digidoc on the screen today Sarah. Beautiful images and beautifully crafted words. Thank you.
Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on November 16, 2009 at 15:03
I am Sarah – by Sarah Rutherford

As a wordsmith I take pride in being able to fully express myself in numerous ways, genres and linguistic styles. While I can do this, often with relative ease, some things cannot be stated adequately or precisely by words alone, and in certain circumstances, occasionally, words are not the solution to expressing oneself effectively, but the inhibitor.

Given just a couple of minutes to make an impact and say everything I want to express was, to say the least, challenging! Lucky for me that I am also, by nature, a visual writer. I need to have images in my head before I can describe them. Best of all was the choice to employ a cartoon – it was a means to have fun and get a message across.

However, as a technical Luddite (despite the fact I use computers in my work every day) the very thought of making a short film was daunting… yet so exciting. I’m a very private woman, so saying anything about myself was never going to be easy. Therefore, I compromised – focussing instead on who I am, and the journey so many women like me have experienced.

The cartoon is simplistic as is the message; it is about identifying and being identified for who we are – ourselves; no facades, no illusions or social stereotypes; no pretence. I am me, proud, strong, happy and content, but most of all – free.
Comment by Sharon Hatswell on September 28, 2009 at 22:48
So eloquent –
so true –
I am so proud – Sarah
– of you.

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