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Hi all! Welcome!

It's just possible that I'm as nervous here as I would be if I were standing at the front of a tutorial room doing the intro session... doesn't feel that different (I've just made a long list of things I must remember to say!!).

However, because we're working in a written medium, I'm going to endeavour to keep it short, simple and sweet!

This is session one of ten that will take place over the next five weeks. Whilst members of the Digital Storytelling workshop will be actually CREATING stories, the rest of you (mentors, facilitators, researchers, designers etc) are invited to actively participate... I'm hoping you'll all make an effort to get to know one another, just as you would if we were all in the same room. To help this happen - please join whatever groups you're interested in and 'friend' as many interesting people as possible. From time to time I'll be posting questions and activities 'tailored' for each groups interests, in an effort to lure you into forum discussions. If you've got something you want to talk about please feel free to start your own thread.

Right! Enough housekeeping!

Firstly, have you downloaded the overview manual? DO IT NOW!
'How do I make a Digital Story' RFT_overview_manual.pdf

Have you watched some of the other stories on the site? They'll give you an idea of what you've gotten yourself in for : ) PLEASE, PLEASE post comments to tell the storytellers what you thought, how their tale made you feel, whether there are people you'd like to share their story with... many of them are here in the RFT space as mentors but don't forget they are just starting on the journey of sharing their story with the world, so they're keen to hear from you!

You may also like to have a look at digital stories on some of the sites in the 'interesting links' forum... and if you find some favourites let us know!


Now, for our first activity... When you've finished reading here, sometime before the next session is posted on Tuesday, go to the workshop forum and play 'the name game'. Hopefully, it'll help us all 'connect' ; )


Please download this release form... RFT_on_line_release.pdf
Don't get freaked out by it... you'll notice it has been drafted by a lawyer but basically it allows all storytellers to retain copyright ownership over their stories, whilst assigning Shine the right to utilise the finished product in their educational DVD compilation, and me/you the right to upload it to this on-line space and screen the finished product at the FEAST launch on November 21st. You can do anything you like with your finished product including entering it in film festivals, uploading it to facebook... showing it to friends, family, your local MP.

The agreement also allows me to reference your story in my PhD research into 'Digital Storytelling for Social Change'. If you're interested I may also follow up with you down the track to have a chat about what the whole experience has been like for you...

If you have any questions about the release don't hesitate to e:mail or call me... ideally I'd like you to print, sign and post/e:mail the agreement back to me. I'll then copy it, sign both copies and e:mail a copy back to you, for your records!


- download 'How to make a Digital Story'. Read it - any questions, post them on the workshop forum...
- join groups, 'friend' other members...
- download legal release, sign and return to me


- this blog is where I'll post workshop updates on Fridays and Tuesdays
- workshop activities will normally take place on the workshop forum
- if you send me a 'message' it'll only be visible to you and me; if you post a 'comment' it's visible to everyone on my home page and in 'latest activity'... unless you've got something private to say, keep discussion public so that everyone can get involved... there'll be lots of interesting stuff going down over the next month!
- at the monent this site is 'members only' but please feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested to join... in November we'll be opening it to the 'general public'
- you can control who reads your blog posts and some other privacy settings on your 'my page'

OK... enough for now, if I've forgotten anything I'll add it in the comments section here later... I'm off to play 'the name game' : )

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Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on September 7, 2009 at 11:24
Hiya Melina, if you're keen feel free to join the Virtual Storytellers group so you'll get all the e:mails re activities and tutorials. I suspect you're already well down the path, being technologically adept and familiar with telling stories in on-line networks like LPA... plus you've already started working out what you'd like to make your story about!
Comment by Melina MIchelle Magdalena on September 6, 2009 at 15:39
Hi Sonja, I'll do what you've said, but don't know whether I'll keep up with everyone else. Also, I have an idea for my story which I've storyboarded very roughly in the form of a table on microsoft word. Need to make artwork though because I don't have images. What am I trying to say? I like the idea of your online workshop and will try to participate, but think it may take a lot longer....

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