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So here's an update on the 'Sharing Stories Beyond Gender' workshops...

We've had 3 sessions so far with 6 and 15 participants, ranging from around 14 to 50, identifying in many different ways...

We've experimented with pencil, paper, collages, face-paint, song, video, photo and poetry.

We've explored blog spaces here, on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.

We're not quite sure who we're 'speaking' to, about what or why yet... but muddling through the self-construction process together has been mutually enlightening. 

Here are some links to our spaces. If you'd like to contribute or comment please use #beyondgender hashtag so we can find you!

Tumblr - sharing stories beyond gender

Facebook - sharing stories beyond gender page (we also have a 'secr...

The next workshop is on 19th September - book in here if you'd like to come along!

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