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I went to my local MP about the marriage equality bizz. Like everyone else I got the Get Up's suggestion to do so.  Me and a few couples want to have a meeting to let him know how many jolly lessie and gay couples he has under his 'brella. His exec assist - who had not returned my phone call of the previous week - told me that the marriage equality stuff was not about to be discussed in this next sitting. Mmmm. Egg on face in Jamie Briggs office in Mt Barker.  If not quite egg then wind taken out of sail somewhat. I wrote to Get Up to try and get some info but have only had an automated response. Does anyone else have any up to date info?    Has discussion about same-sex marriage been delayed? Was I being given the brush off?

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Comment by Sophie Pointer on August 11, 2011 at 14:28

Hi Roxy,

Our family visited him earlier this year to put our views across. Apart from the obvious disagreement with him as a politician he was pretty friendly and interested in what we had to say. End of the day he is a political animal and will vote accordingly although he did 'confess' his wife was all for gay marriage.



Sophie, Jo and Riley


Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on August 9, 2011 at 17:58

Hi Roxxy,


I rang Nick Xenophon's office and his secretary/appointments person said there was no way of knowing whether the issue would be debated in the next sitting (which seems to be for two weeks in one weeks time?) or not... not quite sure how this works and I'm certainly not a recognised authority on the subject ; )


However I'm pretty sure there was no specific time frame placed on consultation and that MPs are supposed to be available to their electorate for any issues deemed pertinent by that electorate! Press forth I say!


Cheers, Sonja

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