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Hello Everyone!

    This is my first blog post, and I have to say I'm happy to have stumbled across this community.  I am working on my Master of Education, and within that my focus is on Social and Cultural Contexts.  It has really been a long, sometimes wonderful, sometimes painful process that has helped me to learn a lot about myself.  During my Master of Education was the first time I encountered thinking about queer theory and sexuality as a spectrum.  I had always felt that I fell somewhere on a spectrum, but this wasn't a concept I had ever been introduced to in a very authentic way.  Grad school encouraged me to think outside the box of my traditional upbringing, and I am trying to continue to do so.  

   As I began the "coming out" process early in grad school,  I looked to community online.  I found it in blogs and vlogs full of young men and women who were also looking for community.  I started to become interested in the phenomenon of "digital storytelling" and how telling stories in an online forum could create community for higher education students.  Grad school can be an isolating thing - somewhat more isolating if you are queer and struggle through your own identity challenges.  It seems that so many students in college and university turned to those who were also expressing themselves online to navigate their own journeys.  So here I am, also navigating mine.  I'm trying to understand my story, my place on this earth, and the stories of others are extremely comforting and helpful along the way.  I'm so glad to be here!

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Comment by G C. on August 12, 2015 at 5:30

 Yes, you're right, I'm not from Australia.  I'm Canadian - from Kitchener, Ontario.  Thanks for the welcome! Your project really interests me.  I found you through doing research for my thesis :)

Comment by Rainbow Family Tree on August 11, 2015 at 13:46

Hi Grace and welcome! We're running a series of social media storytelling workshops here in Adelaide at the moment but I get the impression you're not in Australia right? In any case you're more than welcome to follow along and chip in any suggestions!

Cheers, Sonja

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