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So I think I figured out how to use drop down options to share experiments from Tumblr to my blog page here - just cut and paste embed code... reason being I want my OWN space to curate experiments and I'm finding Tumblr a little too chaotic and Facebook - too much stuff lost in the stream...

Regarding the 'why?' of this experiment - part of it is tech focussed, that is 'what does time lapse do with low light levels and rapid movement?'.

The other arguably more creative part is - thinking through my construction of identity being very much rooted in construction of family...

My first experiences of being a tom-boyish girl and my delight when I passed as a boy, aged around 10 or 11. were a little about how differently my dad treated me on the rare occasions that he regarded me as a protege, perhaps standing in for a 'son'.

Later, I argued with Mum about my right to invent my own family structure for me and my kids... no marriage, no partner even, but an extended circle of 'fairy god-parents' who I could call on for moral, and sometimes physical, support.

Now, as I pull apart the 30 year old bathroom that my parents designed... in particular the massive, fluoro-lit mirror that revealed every flaw in naked glory... it's about finding a descriptive tag that suits me in my 'mature' years - genderqueer, genderfluid, maybe agender? Clearer about sexuality still I guess - I like pansexual and polyamorous...


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