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A collection of short stories based on true events

First off, I love foreign languages! And greater than my love for foreign languages is my love for translation. I find it so exciting to convey the meaning of words and phrases in a different language without letting the reader know that he/she is reading ... oh well, a subjective interpretation in a different language. But the life of a translator isn't really a fancy, creative job. More often I've had to accept projects that deal with technical manuals, CVs etc. So, in other words, some pretty dry stuff that, on top of everything, can be quite time-consuming, especially if the terms are very technical (which they usually are). So you can imagine my joy when I was asked whether I'd be willing to translate a collection of short stories based on true events. So many nice words there :-) No sooner said than done. And voila, my translation is available on Amazon since November 2012. http://www.amazon.com/The-Sperm-Donor-ebook/dp/B00AD9WK88/ref=sr_1_... And what's the title of the book? The Sperm Donor - true stories of a private sperm donor Now that the book is out, I realize that it should have been better to subtitle it: true stories from the life of a private sperm donor.  It is a really interesting collection of short stories dealing with both funny and tragic situations, which the described childless couples in the stories have really experienced. You'll certainly learn a few details about fertility clinics and the process of artificial insemination, but that's just marginal. I hope I've made you curious. I'll post one short story in several parts in the next days and I'm giving two free copies of the book (e-book edition). Just send me an e-mail with the subject "book giveaway" at: ebookinfo@gmx.com until 15th January 2013! I'll notify the winners by e-mail :-)

Happy New Year to you all!


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