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September 2015 Blog Posts (4)

Q&A poetry - 2

Transphobic hormonic nycturia
Assailed a boy named Victoria
Her doctor said ‘Look, it says in the book
Your problem’s medical dysphoria

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Q&A poetry

I’m queen of sun and flowers

Each in its place glowers

In the union of the two

The sunflower towers

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The First Time – Part 1

‘Hello, I’m Stephanie,’ I said by way of introduction, in my best attempt at a husky feminine voice. This was my first time at the Carrousel Club, and indeed my first venture out of doors dressed as my preferred gender. How did it come to this, when just two weeks before it was furthest from my mind?

Looking back I remember dressing as a girl at the age of eight, if not before. I had been in a school play and my role had been that of a girl. I wore my big sister’s tennis skirt, and…


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Mount Gambier Adventure

So group members Sam, Evelyn, Hayley and I did a road trip down to Mt. Gambier last weekend to meet the community. A trans/queer/gender-questioning group gather at the excellent Metro Cafe (more of a bar/restaurant/gourmet bakery IMHO) every Monday night. Quite a few were keen to hear more about sharing stories #beyondgender. Give them a shout on their Facebook group here.

On Sunday we spread out our creativity…


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