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July 2015 Blog Posts (4)

What's a good poem?

This is my #nothaiku poem of just now, spontaneous effort to express my gender now... Might try and make it into a visual poem next...

She leaches it out of me

My mum, my daughter, my soul-mate

The constant being there-ness

Call maternity forth

Whatever that is – moral guidance?

Expressed gently…

Hey, Mum? Hey, Sweetheart?’


Re-membering the past

When my dad called ‘Hey, Son?’

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Creative experiment in sharing...

So I think I figured out how to use drop down options to share experiments from Tumblr to my blog page here - just cut and paste embed code... reason being I want my OWN space to curate experiments and I'm finding Tumblr a little too chaotic and Facebook - too much stuff lost in the stream...

Regarding the 'why?' of this experiment - part of it is tech focussed, that is 'what does time lapse do with low…


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Some art featuring significant moments in my life...

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#beyondgender workshop inspiration

Digital Storytelling workshops often start with a kind of warm and fuzzy story circle… despite mutual awkwardness it’s an important step in building trust.

We often look at some sample stories, like ‘Blue for Boys? Pink for Girls?’ and…


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