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May 2011 Blog Posts (8)

A political conversation

I'm still finding my feet in my new world having only been out for a relatively short period of about 10 months.  But I have emailed a few politicians (a new thing for me) on homophobia and equal love.  One of them is my local Federal MP, Mr Nick Champion. Here's the correspondence so far - nothing brilliant but just me having my first go supporting an issue that is important to me.


On the 12th of May 2011, I sent an email to Nick Champion, Member for Wakefield.  The…


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Risk versus Silence

Pretty nervous this morning as I upload the latest Digital Story and start the process of circulating it online... In my head I replay the many voices of concern (both real and imagined) about whether I’m exposing my daughter too much... or in some way ‘dumping her in it’...

The story is about how community acceptance of same sex marriage would flag a wider acceptance of sexual diversity and impact upon homophobia, particularly that experienced by the ‘innocent victims’ - our…


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Primary School Invisibility-Part 2

So having decided on a school our next logical step was to attend the parent/teacher get to know you session. I have to say that the first meeting with Riley’s teacher did not go well. We asked what we thought was a fairly innocuous question about what resources the school had which would reflect Riley’s family structure. We didn’t know it then but as it turns out Riley’s reception teacher ‘doesn’t do parent teacher nights well’, apparently gets a bit nervous. The response to our question…


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Our invisible family - life at primary school

I have started to write about our families experience as a gay family sending our daughter to school for the first time and our experiences of being on the inside at a local high school where my partner teaches. The contrast between the two experiences is quite stark. At the high school our family is visible, celebrated even, but at the kindy and primary school level we are virtually invisible. This is our story as the invisible gay family at our local kindy and primary…


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A conversation

Hi. My name is Andre and I’m new to this site. I joined a couple of days ago and answered the questions for the profile page which you can obviously check out if you want to. Within hours of joining, I received the following message:

“Hi Andre... thanks for joining us here! I'm really interested in what you have to say about listening... after the weekend rally (see blogpost) I'm left wondering how to help the homophobes listen... and how can we listen better to whatever is going on… Continue

Added by Andre Stoffels on May 17, 2011 at 20:43 — 3 Comments

Marriage is so Gay!

I’m processing some big stuff that happened over the weekend. These are some of the words that I’m trying to squash into a Digital Story, to follow...

On Saturday, my girlfriend and I got (illegally) ‘married’ in a Mass Wedding in Adelaide - part of the…


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IDAHO rally aftermath

Hi All,

Just to let you know I made a quick digidoc of my experience of today's IDAHO rally in Adelaide. Would be great to hear  and view others' perspectives and experiences, too. You can see it on the Rainbow Family Tree's facebook page.


Or maybe here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=10150180293672653&comments 



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Rainbow Family Tree News Round Up - May 9th

After lots of discussion with members, we've made some changes on the site!


The 'groups' and 'forums' areas have been canned... and we've reintroduced the 'blogs' area. We'll use this space to do a round up of activities and posts by members across the various online spaces RFT now inhabits. If you haven't checked them out yet, here they are:


RFT facebook…


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