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It's still early in the piece but I find myself be-set by anxiety... what if people don't participate on-line?
I can't make everyone engage in group bonding activities like the 'name game'... how will the story circle go, if people don't know/trust one another?

I've always said that the on-line workshop would be - not better, not worse than it's physical equivalent... just 'different'... I guess that's still the case... but HOW is it different, count the ways... any thoughts?

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Online workshops are definitely different in terms of delivery and interaction between group members, but I find it can sometimes be advantageous. It can allow you to open up without the pressure of being in a group of people you don't know well, but in saying that, you do miss out on that special interpersonal bond created by talking about something personal. This also isn't to say this bond won't develop within an online group, because it will but in a different way. I must admit that I haven't participated in many online workshops or forums so my knowledge and experience is obviously limited.

The one benefit of the online environment is it allows the person to contemplate and examine their thoughts without that pressure of being in a group situation. You can explore different ideas at your own pace and in the safety of your own special place - that's the joy of anything online. Not getting immediate feedback from others is a downside but the feedback can still be given albeit a little delayed. Hopefully you might be able to reach a larger group who were unable to participate in the face-to-face workshop due to other committments!

I think there will still be a certain level of trust developed... but you're right in that you can't 'force' people to participate and create their digital stories. This also happened in the workshop we did in that unfortunately some people had to pull out or there were delays in getting their stories finished, for whatever reason. So, those who are passionate and committed about this will get it done. I don't think there will always be a 100% success rate but will have to see how it goes...

This concept is fantastic and I hope many are able to express themselves in a way not explored before... I hope it helps many in our community to tell their stories and be proud of their creations!


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