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Hi all,
It was good to see so many of you at the launch, and amazing to see those stories up on the big screen. I caught so many details and nuances that I missed watching the first time around on a computer screen. I had a great day and it seemed to me the stories went down really well with the audience. It's been a pleasure to work on this and I'm glad to have met and worked with some really nice people. I've been very pleasantly surprised to learn just how powerful one person's story can be, and it's been good to see people connect through sharing their stories and hearing the stories of others. Thank you Sonja, for bringing me on board, and thanks to everyone who I worked with or just chewed the fat with during these workshops. See y'all at picnic hopefully.

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Hi there, and Marc - yes it was a fun afternoon and I'm still so pleased to have jumped aboard. The big screen made a huge difference for me, too. I was very emotional at each and every story!


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