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Let us all know how you're going? Has it been confusing/a breeze finding your way around the site? Has it been weird/easy offering feedback to people you sort of don't really know yet? Are you overwhelmed by what you've taken on... or just excited by all the stories you'd like to make?

All or some of the above is kind of normal at this point but until you've shared with others you won't know that ; )

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It takes me a while to get my head around new sites, the sites doin good though, ive sorta got it nailed. Lets just say i didnt have any trouble finding these sessions, i thought i'd be on here all night untill i had to beg for help, but ive managed to find it. I love a chalenge so gettin an oppertunity to be apart of all this is pretty exciting. Ive made digital story's before, so this will hopefully be a breeze! I will keep u posted as i get the story started!
Slowly starting to get the hang. Can't wait to start putting visual and audio together. Whats the 4th session? Yay!
hummm, yes, a little overwhelmed is a good way to put it! My biggest blocker at the moment is that I don't think my story will be photo based - partly because I'm not sure where my photos are (somewhere in the shed... scary) and also because I don't think I want to use actual photos of my grandfather. I was thinking about creating some images - and started trying to make the tartan design on Paint - which is ok, but takes lots of time... which I don't have heaps of.... So, I will keep working on it a bit more, but I'm really not sure that I'll be able to meet the deadline. ... let's see.
Why don't you start at the other end by recording a temp voice over? Then troll through some of the image databases to see if anything inspires... you never know, even some blurry stills of blades of grass taken on a mobile phone might evoke the atmospheres of childhood? Inspiration comes in the strangest places... there's more than one way to skin a cat... and other cliches ; )
i've been inspired to make my scanner work ... so i'm excited about that ... and have scanned in a whole bunch of pics .. still not sure about the look yet but having loads of ideas and have pulled out some writing too ... i feel confident about using the softwares ... i'm using photostudio for image editing and imovie for the project. Biggest gap atm as always is sound ... am being pulled to music that would be impossible copyrite wise ... does anyone know what the copyrite rules are for classical music? but really i would love to collaborate with someone to make some original music. What i really like to do when i start to put the images together is to listen to the music all the time ... when i wake up ... when having a shower etc ... so that i start thinking to the music ... ok so anyone writing scores or know anyone who is?
Hi Fanny... I'm a big fan of finding the 'just right' music too... not being musically talented myself I've never investigated whether iMovie has a package of sample loops and stings? (Final Cut Pro does...) Storytellers I've worked with have used very simple generic clips very effectively in the past... my favourite is jamendo where I've always managed to find something perfect and copyright free. They employ great search tags to make it easy to find stuff by genre or mood etc.
I must say I'm finding the site a bit clunky but I'm getting there. I'm really amazed by the range of experiences and life perspectives in the group, so it's fascinating hearing other people's stories. I'm leading the campaign here in Qld to recognise same sex parents so that's taking up a lot of my brain space but this story is going to be a fantastic tool for the campaign so I am determined to make a space for it. I don't feel like I'm "creative" enough - finding it hard to move away from the idea of linear "image + voiceover" progression.


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