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I'm really getting into hearing stories about how personal stories have had an impact on opening other peoples eyes!


Molly used her story to lobby (successfully) for recognition of non-bio parents on birth certificates in Queensland recently...


And Bronwen is making another story for use in the Same Sex Parliamentary Inquiry...


Anyone else got examples of how they think their 'everyday', 'casual' activism has helped change the world in some small way?

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Also, forgot to offer link to Sophie's account of visiting her MP to talk about same sex marriage... can one counter activist fatigue by using Digital Stories to share our stories far and wide?

Sophie has given me permission to post her response from the Pink Parents site:


Thanks for your comments and the links, I hadn't come across those before :-)

I think you have to use personal stories as that is the strongest way to connect with politicians and others. It's the way we relate to each other in real life....we meet and we tell each other about our lives. Even more powerful is being able to relate those personal stories face to face. Jamie Briggs now has a mental picture of a same-sex family, he now knows we are real and that our daughter and our family exists within his electorate. By meeting face to face we have an opportunity to change mental constructs that people have built up around what same-sex couples and families are like.

It's funny you use the term everyday activism as I also act as an advocate in my professional life. I often use the term quiet activism and my favorite quote is:

 "If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to sleep with a mosquito."

Anita Roddick, Body Shop founder (1942-2007)
Also I'm blogging about research on everyday activism on my 'professional' site : Incite Stories


Ha! And just found GetUp! marriage equality video. An example of Digital Storytelling as an 'advertisement' for a social cause?



An interesting flow on from the story I made for the parliamentary inquiry - I shared it on facebook and it got really interesting responses - including from people who hardly ever interact with me.  One friend, who is a Korean who I met 15 years ago when she lived in Melbourne for a year, and who now lives in the US, shared the story on, and I got a very positive response from one of her friends who has a family by choice, rather than biology....  I didn't expect it to go quite that far!

Last night we took our neighbourhood into our own hands. Here is a blog post about what happened. http://mersigns.blogspot.com/2011/04/mitzrayim-in-kilburn.html 

Shabbat shalom.


Awe inspiring blog post Melina! You guys should be cloned and spread about all over the world ; )


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