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The Rainbow Families Council is a volunteer community organisation that aims to ensure equality for rainbow families (parents, partners and prospective parents who identify as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex, and their children). We invite you to get informed, get support and get active!
Rainbow Families Council

Marriage is about love and committment, not your partner's gender...
Australian Marriage Equality

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I was checking out these sites and the thought struck me that maybe we should contact them and see if they can post a link back, to send more people to our treehouse.
Yes definitely need to do this... but was thinking it might be more prudent/spectacular to do it at launch time (ie towards end of November) then we can do a press release and have lots more stories to show...
Of course - build it up a bit before we invite the world in :) I'm having fun pottering the afternoon away around the website. The workshop overview & such are looking really good - clear, informative, personable and reassuring. I like.
Action Reform Change Queensland (ARCQ)
Advocates federally and in Queensland for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality through campaigns for legal and social change and public education.
Hoping you keep us all in the loop about how the lobbying is going... I really wish 'digital stories' could play a part but I'm not sure about your critical time frames and how they fit with the workshop ones?

It's great to see law reform happening around the country (albeit small changes, way overdue) and I had a moment when I thought... my PhD is going to be out of date before it's done...

Then I spent a bit of time on-line researching some American Fundamentalist stuff and realised (the sad and obvious) homophobia will be with us for some time yet ; )


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